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Tres Hombres La Palma Oro XVIII 42,2% 0,2L

Tres Hombres La Palma Oro XVIII 42,2% 0,2L
tres hombres kleine fles1
Drinks & Gifts prijs: € 18,76


La Palma Oro. Golden is the color of this amazingly smooth but characterful, old rum. Golden is the name, La Palma Oro XVIII. Santi made a blend of the best Aldea rums from 13 up to 21 years and send them in Spanish oak barrels with Tres Hombres over the ocean, resulting in a delightful 18-year European Solera Rum which has no fear of any Caribbean competition. Accompanied by a beautiful Red La Palma flower this bottle is the top so far of Tres Hombres rums from La Palma.